Camille and Vahiné

So, here we are! Today I'm so proud to have one of my favourite French teddy bear makers join me in this wonderful project around Camille! I fell in love with her little creatures a few months ago; and thought these little bears perfectly fit with our dolls. I'm really happy to offer to adopt Camille and one of Marina's creations. Marina is the maker behind un-ours-dans-ma-maison. You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/un-ours-dans-ma-maison/2760206424...32774?fref=ts or visit her site at... [Lire la suite]



Anita will be available today at 7pm EST on http://hyenacart.com/dollectable/st/6830/81795/Anita-19-inch-doll-by-LesPouPZ   ***** Anita sera disponible à 1h du matin sur http://hyenacart.com/dollectable/st/6830/81795/Anita-19-inch-doll-by-LesPouPZ
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