News from Far Far Away...

Hi there! We're having a wonderful holiday in the South of France, where the sun is invited everyday, and ... so is the friendly wind to keep our cheeks and shoulders cool! Because I can't show you dolls photos, I'm showing you one important day my girls will most certaily keep in mind for a long time! They participated in a Most Beautiful Sandcastle Contest with two new friends. It lasted one hour from 11 to noon. How funny it was to see all these little sandcastle-builders running all ways to make their sand-edifice the... [Lire la suite]
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Ramon, Les PouPZ' new effigy ? PART TWO

The lucky winner wanted a boy doll with brown hair and green highlights, green eyes, and boy parts! I was happy to start making another boy. In the meantime, I was working on my new body pattern to give more consistence, firmness and roundness to my dolls. I knew Ramon would be in this trend, but when I started working on him, I realized I wanted to go further into my patterns improvements. The dolls I had just made had the new body style, with the former arms and legs. I loved the whole, but, I had this idea in... [Lire la suite]
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Ramon, Les PouPZ's new effigy ? PART ONE

Ramon? Who is that? Why should he suddenly become an "effigy"??? Let me explain you! First of all, let's introduce you to..... Ramon.     This little boy's features were guided by a customer's choice. I won't tell you the customer's name, but just note down that she was the winner of a contest on Les PouPZ facebook fanpage. R.A. had added her name to the list of participants last January. And, what a good idea she had! One day I contacted her to tell her she had won a 12" custom doll. She soon messaged me back to... [Lire la suite]
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LES SOLDES chez Les PouPZ!

Holidays are coming! I'm cleaning my shops and am pleased to offer a 20% discount on ETSY and DAWANDA till Tuesday night! Use the code VAC20 on ETSY, and on DAWANDA, the discount will apply automatically! ******************* A l'occasion des vacances qui approchent à grands pas, je vide mes boutiques, et j'offre 20% de réduction sur mes deux boutiques ETSY et DAWANDA jusqu'à mardi soir. Sur ETSY, utilisez le code VAC20, sur DAWANDA, la réduction se fait automatiquement!
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Un grand Teeny pour Bébé Noah

Aujourd'hui, j'ai confectionné un Teeny plus grand que les autres, pour offrir au bébé d'une cousine, un petit Noah, qui est né en Février dernier. Ce Teeny mesure 30cm, et il a regard un peu différent des autres, avant des yeux plus grands. Son visage est ainsi si doux... aussi doux que la fourrure de son dos! J'adore cette forme d'yeux. Qu'en pensez-vous? Un petit bonnet à oreilles vient habiller sa petite tête, au cas où les soirées redeviennent fraîches, comme c'est le cas en ce moment par chez nous.
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